Steel & Graphics

Steel & Graphics s.r.l. makes and sells software, dedicated to design and fabrication of steel structure, and architectural design.

 Steel & Graphics was founded in the years ' 80 is among the first to obtain certification as “Official Autodesk ® Developer" and thanks to the realization of the products" TecnoMETAL ®", " TecnoCAM ® "and "ArTeNA4D " Steel & Graphics has reached over 8000 users on national and international territory.

 Thanks to his renowned knowledge Steel & Graphics is able to customize the Autodesk software to suit your needs.


Mission: Steel & Graphics is constantly engaged in the study and implementation of new solutions and services for the complete satisfaction of the user. Software innovation comes from the experience and professionalism of our staff but also by continuous exchange of information with our users.
Today Steel & Graphics is one of the most important partners for the architectural design and to fabricators.

Steel & Graphics can count on a large number of designers and projects, as well as in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Greece, South Africa, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

Our presence in the South American market is enhanced with the opening of Steel & Graphics Brasil Sistemas ltda in the city of Marau in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.